6 Steps to Plan the Perfect Backyard Camping with Your Kids

Looking for a fun activity is not always about going somewhere far away from home. Fun fact, you can just stay at home and feel the refreshing getaway like you do during vacation. We would recommend a backyard camping!

Backyard camping is a perfect way to introduce your kids to the experience of sleeping outside and becoming familiar with the outdoors. The experience is an incredible way to get in some family holding time or offer a great option to your children’s traditional sleepovers.

Besides, backyard camping takes no planning. All you can do is just check the weather first. Just simply dust off your tent or make your own structure if you don’t have a tent yet. Go to the supermarket and get some firewood and some more supplies. Now you’re set for the perfect backyard camping!

Below are the following steps to plan the perfect backyard camping you should know. Scroll this article down to find it out! Let’s go!

Image by Evan Calkins

1. Start with a local adventure

Depending on the age of your children, this is an incredible time for a nature walk on a nearby trail or swim at the local pond. This will get them into the outdoors mentality and set a theme for the day. Besides, if you don’t plan to leave the area, go for a nature stroll around the block and show your children the names of plants, perhaps do some blossom pressing!

2. Setup Camp Together

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Show your children the proper way of setting up camp. So it will make them feel both included and more excited when you set up your tent in a wild. Walk them through shaking it out, placing in the stakes, interfacing the poles, and putting on the rain fly. Although they might not experience wild weather in the backyard, make sure they know what every component of the tent is, so they can understand the whole structure.

3. Make a glampsite

Do your children love building forts? Take them to the great outdoors by helping them set up a tipi or a casing style structure with sticks and a blanket. Besides, make the inside comfortable by bringing some blankets and pillows from the house.

Decorate your backyard by hanging some pennant flags or get crafty and make your own. Setup some twinkle lights or hang a lamp so that everyone can find their way between the tent and the house when they have to use the bathroom.

4. Plan your backyard camping and an astronomical event

Plan your backyard camping for a night when you are sure to get in some stargazing. Look at cosmic events for the following meteor shower and count how many shooting stars you can see. Camping under a full moon is also an incredible thing to do to keep awake without such an electric lamp.

5. Watch an outdoorsy from your tent

While this might be the time for your children, an outdoor-inspired movie will allow their imagination to run wild and make them feel like they are a long way from home. Set up a mini projector and stream a movie, and a white bed sheet. In addition, you can browse your kids’ favorite movie which is suitable for camping.

6. Cook a meal outside

Image by chikhong

There are several foods that can be cooked outside, whether a simple hot dog over the fire pit, pizzas on your charcoal grill, or just mac and cheese on your camp stove. It will be a perfect experience for you and your kids. Get them involved by having them to add toppings or mixing pasta.


Why is Camping Good for You? Here Are 11 Benefits of Camping You Should Know!

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from a home in a shelter like a tent or a recreational space. We all know that camping is fun and allows us to connect with nature. Besides, there are several benefits of camping that you might not realize can help you get close with your family, develop new skills, learn new things, and many more.

Wonder what kind of benefit camping can give us? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, you will understand why camping is good for you. Here are 12 benefits of camping you should know!

1. Stress reduction

Leave the overbooked planning at home because you should enjoy the outdoors more! Camping can reduce your stress. Just by looking at nature, you will feel refreshed!

2. Natural air

You may not understand how rare the outside air is in your everyday life. At the point when you go outdoors, you get the refreshing aromas of the natural air, just as the smell of dinner cooking over an open fire.

3. Relationship building

One of the best and most significant parts of camping is the way it helps you build and strengthen your relationships. When you go camping with your friends or family, you get an opportunity to talk and spend your spare time without distraction, even late into the night.

4. Physical wellness

It is about physical energy, when you set up a tent, gather firewood, go for a climb. But, at home, we regularly have less activities that promote physical wellness. In addition, when you’re exploring the great outdoors, you can’t help but participate in physical movement and boost your mood up.

5. Natural alarm

When was the last time you slept late without a morning timer to wake you up? When you’re exploring nature, the main morning timer you have is the sun and the chirping of birds. It will be better waking up with nature instead of a morning timer.

6. Short escape

Camping is an incredible possibility for everybody to escape from their routines. In a great nature, you don’t find PCs, tablets, or TVs. There are so many great activities to do that don’t involve gadgets.

7. Extraordinary food

Food just tastes better when it is prepared outdoors. There is something about preparing food over a campfire, a campground grill, or in a Deluxe Cabin kitchen which is interesting. Also, nothing special made over an open fire. Think again and plan an extraordinary menu before you head out on your next outdoor trip.

8. Connection with nature

When you’re camping, you get an opportunity to connect with nature. Experience the wildlife and see the stars from the splendid lights of the large city.

There’s nothing like this you can get at home. Make sure you and your family get the opportunity to connect with nature when you explore the several benefits of camping.

9. Develop new skills

Everybody on the trip will contribute and it’s an extraordinary opportunity to learn new things. Besides, you might learn how to set up tents, tie knots, light fires, cook another meal, and many more.

10. Educational opportunities

For kids, camping is for learning. It’s just because exploring program is so important. Several opportunities make kids learn new things such as fishing, cooking, climbing, tying knots, fire-beginning, safety, first aid, etc.

11. Family connections

Camping is useful for kids and their families since it can help strengthen bonds between family members and siblings, parents. You will all return home feeling a lot much better as a family.