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Mr. Rastello was in his 90s as well as has consequently passed away. He reviewed working in the copper mines and a little bit of life in Calumet. He contributed numerous outstanding photos to the project. Mr. Pianosi initially stayed in the Canadian Soo and also talks about life there, and also bias. After that he discusses his life on the other side of the St. Mary’s River. This is an interview done at the Marconi Hall library with five individuals participating. It is a clear meeting, and is a lengthy discussion of life in Sault Ste.

Prior to his fatality in 1983, Tony Izzo was a well– known shoemaker. He discusses life in the Iron Mountain area, and the Izzo household. She was an immigrant female who came to the United States when she was 19 years of ages, in 1920. After the fatality of her husband in 1929, she ran a food distribution business . This is a superb tape considering the life of a lady. Mr. Gasbarro goes into detail about Italian life in the community, events, the lodges, as well as especially the Capistrano Society as well as the community. Mrs. Fleury was wed to a French Canadian.

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This is a superb presentation of life in the Italian neighborhood stressing mythology, food, and prejudice. Mr. Valesano carries out a superb interview on general Italian life in Wakefield, and the duty of ladies in the community. Mr. Sarvello has ultimately passed away. In the interview he reviews life amongst the Italians in Ishpeming.

Read more about {frank sunny italy} here. Via family photos they reviewed Italian life in the darkness of the Quincy mine. Victoria goes over life in the Calumet-Laurium location. She reviews {frank sunny italy} in detail the duty of females and also her daddy Batista Perona that was a dairyman and also flower grower.

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She goes over life in Calumet, as well as concentrates on her family, the Lisa’s, that were leader inhabitants in Calumet. The meeting discusses life in general in the Iron Hill area. It concentrates on the duty of ladies, females’s lodges, as well as offers details regarding individuals. George and Lena Colombo were sibling as well as sister.

She reviews life among the Italians, role of women, and her own life. At the time of the interview, Mrs. Demarin was 98 years of ages. She died a couple of days before her 100th birthday celebration.

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Talked in Italian, it reviews life in the Italian community. Also on this tape are Irma Amicangelo and also Delgia Cerasoli. It is a superb discussion of life in the Italian community, emphasizing mythology, food, and also bias. Court Michael De Fant is of Tyrolean decent, and offers an exceptional insight to Italian life in the Norway-Vulcan location of Dickinson County. Agriculture, food, and also events are gone over, along with the Belgians of the neighborhood. This tape was done before this project yet has actually been consisted of. It goes over life in the neighborhood, and also remains in Italian.

Frank's Sunny Italy Family in United States

Likewise on the tape are Silvio Egizii and also Irma Amicangelo. This is an outstanding presentation of life in the Italian community worrying folklore, food and bias. This is an excellent set of tapes and the interviewees have actually been active participants of the Italian-American area. Life as a whole is gone over, tales told, Italian ladies in Calumet, a thorough history of St. Mary’s Italian Catholic church, as well as general comments. Also on the tape are Silvio Egizii and Delgia Cerasoli.

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Stressed are the Sons of Venice Lodge, and also the Frigo Cheese Company, which started in the city. Mrs. Vercellino discusses the life of Italians in Gwinn, her own tale, which of her household.