The Many Benefits of Loft Conversion

If you keep up with the latest trends in interior design, you’re surely aware that a converted attic is something you must have as a part of your home. If you have a vacant loft full of dust, this is a great opportunity to transform it into something beautiful. If you’re asking yourself why should you do this, in this article, we’ll briefly explain it to you. There is no need to leave any part of your property unused, especially not your attic that can be converted into wonderful spaces, from home offices and guest rooms to luxurious suites and gaming rooms.


If you aren’t well informed about loft conversions, you should know that there are three main types of conversion. Dormer conversion is used when your loft has a quadratic structure with a regular sloping roof surface. In hipp or gable end conversion your contractors would need to encompass the exposed side of the property. The third main type involves roof window conversion which means you’ll be getting a wonderful skylight to bring in more natural light into your loft. This doesn’t involve changing the structural profile of the property.


When it comes to cost, you can always find cheap and expensive solutions like in every other kind of renovation. To avoid spending more than you can afford, plan a budget a stay within its limits. Make a good plan and then discuss it with your contractors. Attic conversion specialist can help you find the most suitable and cost effective solution for your attic conversion and design. If you think and plan smart, with smart loft conversion you’ll add about 25% value to your home. In this process, you’ll also be insulating a major part of your home, since most hot and cold air comes through cracks in the attic and roof. When you sum everything up, you’ll realize that loft conversion is by itself the most cost home renovation effective project you’ll execute.


With this type of conversion you could get the master bedroom you have always wanted (or en suite bathroom) or you could get your own home office to have more privacy when you need to work some extra hours. If you already have all this, then use this space to create something the whole family will enjoy. Make this you favorite place to hang out and bond. Transform your loft into a private home cinema, video gaming room, recording studio, atelier or room that suits one of your hobbies. People who have more money (or are prepared to invest a lot) even end up making their little private swimming pools and indoor gardens. Whatever you choose in the end, don’t forget your entire roof will need reinforcing to support the new weight of your attic. Your loft is currently designed just to support the weight of the ceiling. This, of course, doesn’t mean your home will undergo some major disruptions. This will actually require very small interventions.

So if we sum things up, we have learned that with loft conversion we’ll get extra space, add value to our home, avoid moving costs and upheavals, improve our views, add more insulation to the entire property, bring in more natural light and create a wonderful place to enjoy and spend time with our loved ones.

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