Laser Tag Sets

The set of laser guns that come with the order of this game are very good. One is able to have up to four teams and also get to have the four guns that are of different types which you can randomly select from. The only downside that a couple of people seem to have with the game is that the switch which is used to turn on and off was a little flimsy yet it is the only thing that any player is supposed to use when trying to reset the gun. Resetting of the gun is done only after you have been killed thus you want to restart the whole game again. While playing, the player can also gain access to the option for changing between the sound effects while playing. The sound effects that One is able to shift between are the shotgun sound and the missile sound effect too. Playing this game is also very interesting because gripping the guns is very comfortable thus it made playing very easy. The weight of the guns is also favorable as they are made of plastic so they are not too heavy and when they fall, they do not damage anything that they fall on. The game play options were also numerous so anyone who likes variety can settle on this as you can not have to play only under one setting as it at times gets a little boring. The children also love this lazer tag twin pack game meaning that it can be enjoyed by the whole family thus an added advantage. This game is also very important especially to the kids who are still developing as they get to have a lot of creativity as they play.

Features of the Laser Tag Set Game for Kids

2-6-2011hasbrolazertagEvery player comes up with their codename that will keep on appearing on the scoring monitor and also on every other score sheet. All players get to see their scores immediately after every session. The games are team based and are also fast paced which make it very interesting and engaging to play. The players are able to use the rapid fire at anytime and also anywhere during the game. This makes playing to be very easy. The game has different CHIPS modes which makes the game to very lively. This means that one does not necessarily get deactivated every single time that they are tagged. A player is free to select from the five modes, the one that works best for them. The vests for the laser game also have some sensors which lets the players to know the direction from which they were tagged.

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