How To Make Your Own Bacon?

If you are not an expert in cooking, maybe you should actually try to make something. You don’t need to make a super complicated meal but you could start making easy ones which you can eat almost every day.

In order to start cooking delicious meals, you have to discover passion about this. When you start preparing simple meals, after some time, you will start thinking about little more complicated meals.

The most important thing about your cooking is that you need to be 100% dedicated to this process. For example, you can’t watch some movie while you are making a meal, that one will not end up good.

So, let’s start with the simplest recipe. Rupa Bhattacharya from the Cooking Channel has published an article about how to make your own bacon.

Super Food Nerds: How to Make Your Own Bacon

A couple years ago, all the food blogs were aflame about making your own bacon. It was awesome, they said. You should try it, they said. It’s insanely easy and pays off in spades, they said. Very rarely do you ever hear an endorsement that roundly and completely glowing. What’d I do in response? I ignored it entirely. Didn’t make any bacon.

And frankly, now I’m feeling pretty dumb. Because I made bacon, and you know what? It’s awesome. You should try it. It’s insanely easy and it pays off in spades.

I started with a simple salt-sugar-pink salt cure. (Pink salt is curing salt – it gives bacon its characteristic color and flavor. You’ll want to mail-order this, or get some from a local spice shop.) The pork we generally get here in the Kitchens comes in astonishingly lean, and this belly was no exception. I was a little hesitant, but cured it anyway. A week later, I had what more or less amounted to Canadian bacon. Great, but not actual bacon (unless you’re Canadian). Read the full artcile here. 

If this was too easy for you, here is the more complicated task. Sara Wells from the OurBestBites site will explain to you how to make Egg-Stuffed Baked Potatoes.

An Idaho Sunrise: Egg-Stuffed Baked Potatoes

A few weeks ago a friend and I got talking about egg recipes (since she has chickens, and therefore fresh eggs in abundance!) She mentioned she had made egg stuffed potatoes and they sounded so super yummy. I love baked potatoes. There has been a phase during all three of my pregnancies where the only thing I want to eat is a big baked potato with sour cream, chives, and lots of black pepper. And I always scarf them down wishing they were also protein packed so I could feel somewhat justified in eating them so often. This is my answer! These are hollowed out baked potatoes filled with cheese and toppings with an egg cracked right in there. It kind of all cooks together like a yummy omelet. Think of it like hash browns and eggs all in one portioned edible container. This is a fabulous meal for one, or for a whole crew. You’ll need fully baked potatoes for this recipe. This is a great use for leftovers! You can bake them ahead of time, or right before you need them. Slice a layer right off the top like this: Read the full artcile here.

Let’s be honest, preparing a grilled lunch is very easy. If this is hard for you then you need to find some restaurant to have one of these. If you are from Washington here is the place where you can find Flat Iron Grill lunch. Just check this link to find the location of this beautiful restaurant.

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