Smart Home Living: PROS VS. CONS


If there is a smart phone, there is also a smart home. The latter refers to a centralized system that allows a homeowner to have a control over the electric-operated products at home. Everything is managed through a tablet or phone. Everything is smart—everything is convenient. Smart living entails having a home security automation system. Obviously, a major advantage to having an automated system is convenience. You get to control your electric appliances through your phone. You could also take tabs on your security.

The most important reason why people are leaning toward the smart homes nowadays is security. Home security is essential in the country because of the ballooning incidents of burglary. With unemployment still at a high, some people resort to theft to survive. The thieves, of course, know that most houses are empty during the day as children are in school while parents are at work. But with the smart home, one can monitor the activities inside the house. Some systems trigger the recording option when sensors detect movement or thermal heat in the vicinity.

But because it is digital, there is a downside. Have you ever heard of the Internet of Things? This refers to the interconnectivity of technology through cloud-based information. Here lies the danger and the disadvantage of having a smart home. Some wily hackers can steal information from us through the cloud. So while the benefit of having a smart phone is great, the dangers of having a cloud-based system should be noted. We should be more circumspect when it comes to buying smart technology.

There is also that danger that if we can control home automation remotely, another person may also be able to control our system remotely. That means another person can stop sensor triggers from prompting police or the public, in general. It also means one may be able to open our home, especially if we have one of those digital locks. Then of course, there is the matter of security cameras. The cameras could be used as a tool to spy on us.

This is why it’s important to buy home security attention system from reputable organizations. There should be a list of the top companies who have created a name for themselves in the name of automated security. One may also browse the comment section of the organization’s website to get a picture of how popular a particular home security is. Other helpful reviews are on Amazon.

Smart phones, smart homes and smart technology definitely make a person’s life more convenient these days. But as mentioned, it comes with a price. The Federal Trade Commission itself has warned smart home developers of possible hacking. Smart home systems should be able to withstand hacking through a multi-layered security strategy. The commission also noted that one way of minimizing the chance of hacking is if the app developer also minimizes the data collected by the company. We caught up With Alexa an expert on home security systems in Alberta who had this to say, “Picking a security system vs a smart home system are not mutually exclusive. You can certainly get the comfort and peace of mind with a security system and the modern features that make having an automated smart home so desirable.”

But the advantages of a smart home system trump the disadvantage. Another important benefit of an automated security system is that it is energy efficient. Imagine the energy you saved when you are able to turn off the lights and other electrical appliance of your home whenever it’s appropriate because you have the control with you all the time since it is ingrained in your cellphone.



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