How To Get The Most From Electrode Pads

How To Get The Most From Electrode PadsElectrode pads, like tens 3000 pads, are a crucial part of the TENS system for pain relief. Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation, also called TENS, is a system of electric muscular tissue stimulation. TENS therapy has been shown to provide great relief for those struggling with chronic discomfort.

TENS treatment creates muscle contractions at regular intervals. This treatment assists the body to ensure the secretion of serotonin and endorphins, both of which are all-natural medicines created by the body.

TENS treatment has actually helped those who deal with a wide array of chronic pain conditions; the therapy aids people that are dealing with post-operative discomfort. This therapy could assist those suffering with chronic back pain due to disc deterioration, sciatic nerve pain, and various other nerve system problems. Additionally, TENS has been used to relieve soft cell damage from sports injuries.

The effectiveness of TENS treatment depends on the correct positioning and quality of the electrode pads. Below are some standards for the positioning of these electrode pads.

# 1 Ascertaining The Discomfort Area

For optimal result, TENS electrode pads must be placed within the location of the excruciating pain. Positioning pads too close can decrease the effectiveness of TENS treatment and also can actually trigger added discomfort.

# 2 The Right Amount Of Pads

Two to four pads is the optimum number for treating a solitary location. With some TENS devices, it is possible to make use of one pad at a time. Users ought to move the pads they utilize around to find the very best positioning for efficient electrical impulse delivery.

# 3 Where NOT To Use Pads

There are some good sense standards concerning where not to place TENS pads. The pads must not be put close to the mouth, neck or the eyes. Electrode pads ought to never be put on recently healed wounds or on open wounds. Furthermore, TENS pads must not be placed over joints. These locations could be very sensitive to electrical impulses, therefore, making use of TENS over injured joints can cause additional damages.

# 4 Optimum Positioning

For people who suffer from pain that runs vertically over a huge location of the body, the ideal TENS pad placement is to have a pad at the top of the agonizing area as well as to have another pad at the base of the affected area. Reduced back discomfort victims need to put pads on either side of the affected location.

Electrode pads are crucial components of the TENS system for pain relief. The performance of TENS treatment depends on the appropriate placement of electrode pads. For optimal result, TENS electrode pads ought to be put within the contour of the uncomfortable area. Positioning pads also close to one an additional can lower the performance of TENS therapy as well as could actually cause extra pain.

TENS treatment has brought discomfort alleviation to hundreds of individuals. Nonetheless, every person must get in touch with a physician before beginning TENS treatment. TENS systems can be purchased over-the-counter, however, this form of therapy is most ideal used in consultation with a medical professional.

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