How To Ensure Maximum Comfort For Your Dog

It is very important to choose a suitable crate for your dog. Most people are not sure what to look for before settling for a dog crate. A lot of people today also really love travelling with their pets. Sometimes though, they are not very sure how to choose a carrier.

The above mentioned challenge is not just faced by large dog owners. Small dog owners also face the same challenge. The discussion below covers some tips that would come in handy in choosing small dog crates and carriers.

How to choose a crate or carrier for your small dog

  • Dog assessment-The first and very important step would be taking measurements of your dog’s height. This measurement should be the distance from the top of the dog’s shoulders to the floor. The crate or carrier should also allow some space for turning around freely.
  • Quality of crate or carrier-As much as expensive carriers or crates may be good, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the only suitable ones. A good carrier should have great features such as numerous or big mesh panels for ventilation.
  • Consider durability and stability
  • When it comes to carriers, it is advisable to go for one with wheels.

dog_comfortThere is more to dog carriers. An Airline approved dog carrierhas to meet a number of specifications.

Factors to consider when selecting an Air travel carrier

There are numerous considerations that you should make before selecting a carrier for your dog that you intend to take to a plane at one time or the other:

  • A airline approved dog carrier is preferable
  • Know the airline regulations-It would only be relevant to know pet regulations of the airline you intend to use for your travel.
  • Proper ventilation-Virtually all airlines emphasize on the need for ventilation in all pet carriers. Mesh on all sides is effective in providing ventilation.
  • Security-the carrier has to be secure. Under no circumstances should it let the pet free. You do not want to have a dog roaming the plane.


  • Size-If an airline allows in cabin carriers, your carrier must comfortably fit under your seat. It is therefore important that you know the under-seat measurements of the plane you are to fly in before buying your carrier.
  • Leak proof-All carriers especially those allowed in cabins must be leak proof

Whenever we talk about dog carriers, other elements also should cross our minds. What are the available options of dog waste bag dispenser? How should we choose beds for our dogs?

Criteria of selecting dog waste bag dispensers

  • It is advisable to go for dispensers that have a duration warranty
  • Keeping it simple is the best option. Dispensers with simple designs are better. However, they should be fully functional.
  • The dispenser should be made of a material that is not prone to dents or short life
  • A good dispenser should hold a considerable number of dog waste bags.

Another common question is how to choose appropriate bed for your dog.

How to choose the correct bed for your dog

This is a very straightforward question. It is only reasonable to buy a dog bed depending on the size of your dog. Small beds would be suited for small dogs whereas extra large dog beds are suited for very large dogs. Other considerations relevant when choosing a dog bed include:

  • The size of the space available for the bed
  • Your dog’s sleeping position
  • Breed of your dog

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